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A Light In The Woods

Pickering, ON

The simple act of turning on a light pushes back the darkness and welcomes life. ‘A Light In the Woods’ is inspired by the historic Pickering Heritage Museum, the upcoming Pickering Heritage Community Centre (PHCC), and the community members of Pickering itself.

The contents of the PHCC’s storage and display spaces were the starting points for a playfully conceived welcoming sculpture at the Formal Entryway. The piece is an assemblage of lighting-related artefacts from the Museum’s collection, dating between 1830 and 1930. The artefacts have been digitally modeled, re-scaled, reassembled, and brightly painted to create a sense of place specific to the history of the site.

The piece rises to a height of six metres and is visible from the adjacent Highway 7, alongside the front entrance of PHCC. The oversized LED ‘flames’ on the ‘candlesticks’ further announce the presence of this cultural institution to passersby.

A highly visible landmark to gather around as student groups arrive, the piece may act as a moment of initial engagement with Pickering Museum Village. Docents may start with the story of the Courting Candle or foreshadow an experience of the recently rehabilitated Blacksmith Shop in the village, or encourage discussion regarding the evolution of lighting forms from bygone eras.

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Pickering, ON

City of Pickering


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Public Art

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Future Landscapes, LeuWebb Projects

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