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Frames of Reference

Mississauga, ON

The gradual changing of a leaf from green to red to brown through the passing of the seasons. The fading of blue daylight into purple twilight into black sky as night falls. The flutter and flourish of a flock of geese taking flight. ‘Frames of Reference’ is an artwork that seeks to reconnect us to these moments taking place in the natural world. It is a piece integrated within a new park landscape –  Mississauga Park 525 – that celebrates the diversity of flora and fauna to be found within this unique site, and helps to reveal the life taking place all around us.

The artwork consists of a series of frames located at selected features within the park, acting as viewing apertures that allow observation into and out of the landscape. The frames provide an active interpretive signage, wherein the park and its layers of history, topography, vegetation, and activities become the living subjects. Beginning with a large ‘living’ billboard that advertises the presence of something special taking place within the park, and complemented by seven other frames that operate at a more intimate scale throughout, the pieces highlight existing, new, and vanished landscapes.

The restored woodlands, meadow, wetlands, vestigial rail line, and arrival plaza become the settings for ‘Frames of Reference,’ opening the site up as a space of interpretation, curiosity, and engagement.

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Mississauga, ON

City of Mississauga

Concept (shortlisted finalist in design competition)

Project Type
Public Art, Landscape

Lead Artist

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