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Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light Blue
Mississauga Park 535

Mississauga, ON

This project is a collective assemblage, an expressive gateway, and an illuminated sculpture that speaks to the diversity of the surrounding residents by connecting to the interiors of their homes. In helping create a welcoming outdoor living room in Mississauga Park 535, a new park being developed near Mississauga’s downtown and Kariya Park, the proposed artwork takes its cue from the light fixtures that dot the homes of neighbouring residents. In turning the lights on, we signal an openness and invitation to connect and enjoy the city together. By illuminating this park with a canopy and ground cover of sculptures resembling lampshades and table lamps, we encourage the neighbours to commune while taking in the sights.

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Mississauga, ON

City of Mississauga

Concept (Shortlisted finalist proposal)

Project Type
Public Art, Landscape, Lighting Design

Lead Artist

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