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National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

Ottawa, ON

‘Home Base’ is an international competition–awarded, public art landscape and monument. A collaborative effort led by artist Adrian Stimson, the collective goal of ‘Home Base’ was to imagine an enduring tribute to honour the commitment and sacrifice of Canadian Armed Forces, public servants, and civilians in helping to rebuild Afghanistan. This goal includes recognizing the support offered by families, friends, and communities in Canada and the people of Afghanistan.

‘Home Base’ expresses Canada’s gratitude for the sacrifices made by Canadians who lost their lives or were injured during the effort to restore peace in Afghanistan. The monument is situated on LeBreton Flats in Ottawa, within the traditional territory of the Algonquin peoples, Kitigan Zibi, and Pikwakanagan First Nations. Because of this, Team Stimson believed it was important to firmly ground the conceptual design in Indigenous knowledge systems, specifically the Medicine Wheel.

Drawing on the concept of the Medicine Wheel, the design of the monument takes the form of a circular, sacred space of safety, a “home base” for reflection, memory, and contemplation. ‘Home Base’ is configured with four portals oriented in the cardinal directions. The two walls framing each portal are embedded with the words and remembrances of the Mission’s participants, from both the Canadian and Afghan perspectives. Each portal has its own significance, and the monument is supported by an active digital strategy to further expand and educate on the Missions’ significance and scope. The monument will serve as an important space of outreach and understanding.

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Ottawa, ON

Veterans Affairs Canada

Concept (Awarded Competition Entry)

Project Type
Public Art

Public Art Coordinator

Adrian Stimson
MBTW Group

LeuWebb Projects

Press and Awards
Canadian Architect – ”Government of Canada unveils design for national monument to commemorate country’s mission in Afghanistan,” July 2023

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