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Reflections on Rotation

Toronto, ON

This installation harkened the rejuvenation of the Melody Bar at the Gladstone House (formerly Gladstone Hotel, built in 1889) and was featured during ‘Come Up To My Room,’ a group exhibition presenting numerous art and design works by local creatives.

‘Reflections on Rotation’ drew on the building’s rich history for its inspiration while suggesting portals to new possibilities and unforeseen outcomes. Here, the archetypal guest room mirror took on magical qualities through its evanescent re-colouring, inviting the telling of fortunes and sharing of secrets.

Inhabiting the entire ceiling space overhead, this kinetic piece resided in a zone of collected conversations, reverberating karaoke cries, and vestigial clouds of cigarette smoke. The 30-plus, slowly rotating, motion-activated mirrors – strategically lit by dedicated theatrical spotlights – allowed for fleeting glances that were subverted and distorted, casting about shifting images of the room below and projecting light in fluid motion.

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Toronto, ON


Gladstone House (formerly Gladstone Hotel)


Completed 2015

Project Type

Installation, Lighting Design


Lead Artist


LeuWebb Projects; images 1-3 by Doublespace Photography

Press and Awards
Toronto.com – ”Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To My Room features Parkdale talent,” January 2015

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